From doubling as an airport to the inside of a spaceship – the main showroom plus exterior car parking offer Location Managers a wide variety of options for location shots as well as location builds.

Podium broadcast positions set-up in the yard may also be of value to production companies.

Catering Space

With the onsite kitchen and option to use extensive outside space for catering and seating areas, film and event catering can be provided from a number of local, sustainable catering providers.

This space can also be used by location caterers (if they are already contracted by a production) and used to provide dining space.


Whilst we are committed to discouraging crews to drive to the Studios, the site offers excellent parking, with a wider green parking infrastructure across the city covering electric charging, bicycle couriers and electric vans and taxis, Birmingham has credible sustainable production infrastructure, encouraging productions to use eco-transport whilst in the city.