Build Space

With the main workshop measuring 5000 sq ft (min 115ft x 40ft) and having an eave height of 6m – 8m, blacked-out windows and skylights and excellent floor loading capacity, the space offers a wide range of set-build opportunities, both stand-alone or joined up to create complex multi-set options with the main showroom.

Alternatively for brand experiences or events, this large space can accommodate showcases for vehicles or exhibition format events.

Production Offices

Open plan office space and individual rooms can be set-up on the upper floors of this building, as well as the option to build partitioned spaces for use as edit suites in the smaller showroom.

These can be provided unfurnished or furnished in accordance with studio operator recommendations, sourcing recycled assets and implementing sustainable fit-outs if required by the client.

Ancillary Production

With excellent pedestrian access from street and yard providing easy trolley/cage/wheeled rail access, it is possible to use the spaces for prop and set storage, green rooms, wardrobe and workshops and can be tailored to suit a production.

For events, these spaces provide back-of-house options for catering or technical production.